The international online shipping exchange is the only global online platform in the maritime industry.  Our project is very unique as it combines all sectors of the marine industry on our platform.

We provide all necessary information from around the world and ‘round-the-clock’ in support of the shipping business, it’s efficiency and industrial development. 

Our platform has integrated tools providing innovative and optional online solutions for the development of the maritime industry business, through several types of E-trading and auctions connecting important shareholders such as governments, government corporations, ship owners, shipping companies, commercial and non commercial enterprises from all over the world.

Based on experience, the introduction of The Online Shipping Exchange platform, demonstrates very high returns on investment and a significant amount of time saved for the shipping industry.

The Online Shipping Exchange platform is designed to alleviate the daily routine work of a participant, whilst also providing flexibility with the ability to manage multiple orders/offers, simultaneously to organize multiple trades in different sectors of the platform, to participate in different trades simultaneously, to find ships of interest, to follow shipping companies’ quotas, news updates and the current price of maritime fuel across different continents.

In addition, the participants have full access to their trades, enabling to compare and analyze their actions in a competitive environment.

The structure of The Shipping Exchange is directed towards minimizing the risks to participants. The organization of trading through an online platform is an effective and transparent  process, providing  conditions for the formation of competitive pricing in the shipping industry. Trades and auctions done on the basis of raising or decreasing rates, allowing suppliers and buyers to see online prominence of trades thus helping them to choose the best deals. All employees of our platform are both highly skilled and experienced in the field of online trading, providing necessary information.

The complete transparency toward participants, clear distribution of responsibilities , effective round the clock feedback providing maximum material benefits along with amounts of time saved for the participants.

The key to the success of our Online Shipping Exchange, lies with both the development of participant companies and in the improvement of the global shipping industry as a whole.