Advantages for the Organizer/Orderer of the Online Trading Platform «International Shipping Exchange»

The online trading platform «International Shipping Exchange» is an automated informational online trading Platform posted in the Internet information and telecommunications network at the address:, intended for conducting competitive trading and procurement procedures in the online mode.

The online trading Platform provides comprehensive facilities for the Organizer/Orderer to organize trading procedures under the fair competition principles, which makes it possible for all Bidders to take part in the trading procedures on equal terms.

To become a full-fledged participant of the online trading Platform, it is necessary to undergo the registration procedure, which will make it possible for the Organizer/Orderer to use the Platform services without any limitations.

Advantages for the Organizer/Orderer

1. Planning

The online trading Platform functionality makes it possible to coordinate the demand with the Organizer/Orderer in the online mode for the specified trading route and generates the plan of trading procedures for further sending to the online trading Platform unified information syste

2. Conduct

Flexible interface of the personal user makes it possible to create trading procedures and take part in different forms of trading procedures as well as organize trading procedures from any part of the world subject to availability of a computer and Internet access

3. Monitoring

Our specialists examine each sector of the shipping industry, perform analysis of the market regulating the goods purchasing/sales trading procedure, performance of work, provision of services, trading procedures for arrested property, and invite the respective Bidders to take part in the trading procedures

4. Analytics

Acquisition of information and timely notification of the trading procedure organization process in the personal account, and messages notification; the Organizer/Orderer is provided an opportunity to save time and correctly distribute material resources.

5. Control

The online trading Platform performs logging of all relevant legal actions, preliminary check of reliability of documents submitted for conduct of and participation in trading procedures makes it possible to divide powers and rights of access to the personal account in an organization and to each individual trading procedure.

6. Confidentiality of proposals

Prices announced in trading proposals will remain confidential till the trading close time for the Bidders, which is an important factor in securing fair competition among the Bidders.

7. Exclusion of unfair competition

Request and pricing policy proposals submitted by potential Bidders are included into the competition list and strictly received at the address of the Organizer’s/Orderer’s company; all proposals are considered individually, thus the human factor impact is reduced.

8. Functionality and capabilities of the online Platform

The multitask capability of the online trading Platform makes it possible for the Organizer/Orderer to preliminarily calculate the distance between ports, the time of ships arrival, track the location of ships, enhance and develop capabilities of its company all over the world through the online trading Platform.


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