Advantages for Bidders of the Online Trading Platform «International Shipping Exchange» 

The online trading platform «International Shipping Exchange» is an automated informational online trading Platform posted in the Internet information and telecommunications network at the address:, intended for conducting competitive trading and procurement procedures in the online mode.

The online trading Platform provides comprehensive facilities for the Bidder to participate in trading procedures under the fair competition principles, which makes it possible for all Bidders to take part in the trading procedures on equal terms.

To become a full-fledged trade on the online trading Platform, it is necessary to undergo the registration procedure, which will make it possible for the Bidder to use the Platform services without any limitations.

Advantages for the Bidders:

1. Quick and convenient search of information on the conduct of and participation in new trading procedures.

2. Lack of additional paper documentation and preliminary negotiations.

3. Reduction of time and moneys for preparation and submission of Bids for participation in trading procedures.

4. Minimization of entry errors.

5. The flexible interface of the personal account makes it possible to take part in trading procedures and organize one’s own trading procedures.

6. Acquisition of information and timely notification of the trading procedure organization process in the personal account, and messages notification to the Bidder’s phone number ensure quick response and provides an opportunity to save time for correct distribution of material resources.

7. Transparency and openness of conduct of trading procedures, which reduce the impact of human factor, and robust competition, which excludes non-price competition methods.

8. The multitask capability of the online trading Platform makes it possible for the Bidder to preliminarily calculate the distance between ports, the time of ships arrival, track the location of ships, enhance and develop capabilities of its company all over the world through the online Platform.

9. Capability of participation in trading procedures from any part of the world subject to availability of a computer and Internet access.


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