ANSWER: Yes, it is. The auction contract should be signed with the administration of the platform.

ANSWER: Information on auctions is available only to registered participants.

ANSWER: You can use a search to find auctions through the categories in the auction section.

ANSWER: You should subscribe for notification of auction, and you will get letters to your email and SMS notifications.

ANSWER: If the auction is opened and the bidder has time to provide the necessary documentation package in this case, he will have time. If the auction is closed then the bidder will not have time to participate in the auction before the closing of bidding.

ANSWER: Yes, it is required to fill in the application.

ANSWER: No, not necessarily, but it is advisable to fill out.

ANSWER: When creating a bid for an auction, the auction organizer has a setting that allows him to specify whether the deposit is required or not.

ANSWER: Rebidding is repeated bidding. In their course suppliers make final offers. For the customer, it is an opportunity to get the best price. But the rebidding not always deals specifically with the prices, there can be improved also other conditions.

ANSWER: In my account, in the section my auction records.

ANSWER: The customer must indicate in the tender documentation the possibility of rebidding. He independently determines the conditions of this procedure and also decides how many times it can be carried out and how many bidders can participate in it. Some customers consider rebidding a necessary step and carry it out anyway, others refuse it if it is possible to determine the winner at the first attempt.

The bidders learn about the rebidding due notification in their account on the website of the electronic trading platform. In any case, if the tender documentation indicates the possibility of rebidding, the bidder should periodically monitor the status of consideration of applications and check messages. The bidder is not obliged to change the conditions of his offer, even if he has been invited to participate in the rebidding.

The rebidding can take place in live or remote mode:

A life rebidding reminds an auction. The procedure is carried out online at the electronic platform at a predetermined time. The bidders can only change the price offer: each of them sees the offers of competitors and lowers his own price. The bidder who makes the most favorable offer to the customer wins.
The remote rebidding is rather a repetition of the first stage of bidding. All bidders invited to participate in the rebidding send to the customer new offers, and the bidders cannot learn what changes the competitors have made to their applications. The customer simultaneously opens the envelopes with the applications on the appointed day and summarizes the results. 

ANSWER: Yes, it is possible, but it will be necessary to get approval of the administration of the platform on the changes.

ANSWER: The auction organizer has the opportunity to cancel the auction, indicating the reason for cancellation and with the consent of the platform administration. After the cancellation of the auction, it gets the status “Canceled by the organizer”. A notification of the auction cancellation is sent to all interested parties.

ANSWER: You should contact the technical support and attach screenshots of errors.

ANSWER: You should fill out the recovery form.

ANSWER: A certified cryptographic tool is used to protect the information concerning the documents submitted by applicants and bidders of open auctions and stored electronically in the software and hardware system. The electronic platform uses cryptographic certificatesX.509 for TLS-encryption (HTTPS) by the international project Let’s Encrypt.